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OWNICE ESPAÑA is the face-to-face bet of a well-known brand that is committed to the national market for its expansion in Europe.

As a professional manufacturer of Car Audio equipment since 2009 and with a consolidated structure in the Asian markets, Ownice gives the equitable leap of quality and service with its presence in Spain.

Serving in this way more direct to the market and the Spanish and European customer. Based in Valencia, Ownice España offers its entire range of products through distributors and professionals in the sector. In the face of the customer we offer a 2-year direct warranty with technical service to solve and dispel customer doubts, to meet the needs directly and quickly and above all to offer a service that meets the client's requirements.

Ownice Car Audio evolves alongside vehicle brands and is evolved thanks to user trends. The professional trajectory of the firm, with years of experience that facilitates the ability to offer an active product where we always bet on innovation.

Our factory has 3 production lines with about 150 staff members.

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Ownice Spain is the guarantee of customer satisfaction. Yes! Ownice is a brand based in Asia. Yes! Ownice consolidates its markets through online platforms. Yes! Ownice responds and caters to customer needs. Yes! Ownice is reliable and above all, Ownice offers warranty and after sales service.