Terms and Conditions

Return policy:

All sales made on the web will be able to make the return within a maximum period of 7 calendar days as long as the product is in perfect condition, for later sale. (perfect packaging, product without strips, with stickers, etc ...). Shipping costs not included in the return.

General conditions

First - Character of General Conditions.

The access and use of the "www.ownice.es" Portal (hereinafter referred to as the portal) that CHAINLAND INTERNACIONAL-OWNICE (hereinafter, OWNICE.ES) makes available to Internet users, is subject to compliance with these conditions General, that the user declares to know and accept expressly and in full, from the moment he accesses the portal, at which time he also acquires the user status of the same. Consequently, any use of the portal implies an acceptance of the present conditions, which the user is obliged to read in each one of the accesses that he makes.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is possible that in certain cases the user must accept specific conditions of a specific nature, complement, replace or render invalid, in whole or in part, the general conditions, and that the user also declares to know and Expressly accept, in the same terms regulated in the preceding paragraph for these. Our data are as follows:

Email: info@ownice.es


DNI: 53894273Y

Carrer Segon Bracs 48, Pol. Ind. Massanassa. 46470. Massanassa.

Valencia. Spain.

96 125 15 86 - 622 168 805

Second - Object.The purpose of these conditions is to regulate the access and use of the portal by users who visit it, as well as making available to them, free of charge, unless expressly stated otherwise, either the information provided, or General or specialized, as of the different contents offered and services provided in the same. 

Third - Duration.The present general conditions and the particular conditions that may be established, and with the wording they present at all times, have an indefinite duration, and will remain in force as long as the portal continues to be active.In the same way, access and use of the portal, and the resources it offers, have in principle an indefinite duration, although OWNICE.ES reserves the right to suspend and / or cancel, unilaterally and in any Access to the portal or any of its parts and / or resources, without prior notice. 

Fourth - Regime of Modifications.OWNICE.ES reserves the right to unilaterally change, at any time, and without previous notice, both the present general conditions, as well as the particular conditions that may be established; The configuration, presentation and design of the portal or any of its elements; The general or specialized information and the content supplied, and, in general, any other circumstances not expressly designated, including the cancellation of the portal or any of its elements. Implanted any of the said modifications in thePortal, any subsequent access made by the user will imply their unconditional acceptance of it.Notwithstanding the foregoing, OWNICE.ES also reserves the right to discontinue, in whole or in part, unilaterally and at any time, the free access to the portal or the use of information and content. In this case, it will inform the users, in the main page of the portal, of that circumstance in good time. 

Fifth - User Registration: use of password and password.The access to the portal is not conditioned to the previous registration of the user. However, access to certain areas (themes), services or resources of the portal will only be feasible through the user's previous registration.When completing the registration, the user will indicate in the form both the password and the password of his choice.The user may only choose as a key words, numbers or sets of both that are not contrary to law, morality, generally accepted good customs or public order. It is prohibited to use keys that, in any way, suppose a violation of the intellectual property right, or coincide or resemble social denominations or advertising slogans, when it lacks a fair title to do so.Both the password and the password are confidential. Therefore, the user must use them with due diligence, and must keep them in a safe way, so that their use by third parties, regardless of the relationship that the user maintains with them, is not possible, as their assignment is not allowed.Consequently, the user undertakes to immediately communicate to OWNICE.ES both the loss of his password and password, regardless of the cause of it, as well as any danger or impairment in its confidentiality, otherwise responding to any damages Or damage caused by accesses verified through them. 

Sixth - Rules for the use of the portal. Limitations.The user agrees to use the portal in the strict respect and observance of the present general conditions, as well as of the particulars that may be established; And also of law, custom, and public order. Consequently, the user, by way of illustration and without limitation, is bound to:1. Do not use the portal, nor make use of the elements, information, contents and services that integrate it in violation of general and / or particular conditions, or in violation of the law, generally accepted good customs or public order.2. Not to injure, in such use, the rights, of any type, that correspond to third parties.3. Do not perform acts that limit or prevent access and use of the portal, under appropriate conditions, by other users.4. Do not illegally access the portal, or third-party computer systems, or to disseminate computer programs or viruses that may cause damage to computer equipment or systems, whatever they may be, and regardless of the personality of their respective owners.5. Do not use mechanisms other than those expressly authorized or recommended in the portal to obtain the information, contents and services that make it up, when such obtaining is possible because it has been authorized or allowed by OWNICE.ES.6. Not to send, in any case, advertising or commercial communications, of any kind, nor electronic messages not solicited or previously consented by its possible recipients, whether they are individual messages, or of chains of messages. It also undertakes not to capture or use distribution lists that may be accessible from the portal, nor to assign, by any title, to third parties, the said lists or data contained therein, regardless of the intended purpose .7. Do not establish hyperlinks or links between any Web page, including the Web site itself.User, or any other site or space accessible from the Internet, and the OWNICE.ES portal, unless expressly authorized in writing by OWNICE.ES, and with the conditions that it has established in each case. The user who fails to comply with the above shall be the sole and exclusive liability for damages of any kind caused by such reason either to OWNICE.ES or to third parties.8. Not to carry out activities that in any way suppose or could imply an impairment or prejudice, of any kind, for OWNICE.ES.Any breach of the present general conditions, or of the specific ones that can be established, will authorize OWNICE.ES to deny access to the portal of the infringing user. 

Seventh - Intellectual and Industrial Property. Copyright.All intellectual and industrial property rights of all elements of the portal, including, but not limited to, interactive screen designs, graphic designs, drawings, image or sound files, photographs, Infographics, user interface, indexing systems, etc., as well as general or specialized information, services and, in general, all the contents offered on the portal.The user undertakes not to violate, in any case, the rights referred to in the preceding paragraph, as well as to use the portal, with its different elements and contents, for its exclusive private use. Consequently, the user, by way of purely illustrative and non-limiting, will not be able to use the portal for business or commercial purposes; Nor reproduce, copy or distribute in any way the elements, information, services or contents that comprise it; Nor to facilitate or allow third parties access to said elements, information, services and contents by means of their public communication in any form; Nor to circumvent, delete, modify or manipulate the technical protection devices of the portal or those elements that integrate it; Nor to transform or modify them; Or delete, modify or manipulate, in any way, the OWNICE.ES Copyright, regardless of whether such disturbing acts affect the symbol "©", the word "Copyright", the year of first publication of the work or The corporate name of OWNICE.ES, either jointly or separately, or any other element that in any way identifies the intellectual property rights of OWNICE.ES. 

Eighth - Regime of responsibilities.Without prejudice to what is included in the rest of the present general conditions, or of the particular ones that may be established, the access and use of the portal, as well as the information, services and contents that are part of the same, verified by the user, are Of its exclusive and entire responsibility, releasing to OWNICE.ES of all responsibility for such facts. This exemption of liability of OWNICE.ES, of absolute character, also reaches, with an enunciative and non-limiting character, the following circumstances:• The damages and damages that the user may suffer due to the lack of availability or functioning of the portal and / or all or some of its elements, information, services, contents, etc., or by the lack of veracity or accuracy of any from them.• The damages and damages that the user may suffer through accessible internet spaces, such as web pages, etc., through hyperlinks or links established in the portal.• The damages and damages that may be suffered by the user as a result of the application or use of the advice contained in the "project fiches", the "questions or answers", the "product aids", or any other information , Service or content of the portal, even when such advice or informationAre accurate or suffer from errors or inaccuracies.• The damages and damages that the user may suffer as a result of the existence of differences in the prices of the articles published in the portal, since these prices are purely orientative, and do not have to coincide with those existing in the store or stores Visited by the user. There may also be price differences between shops and others, without prejudice to the guideline nature of prices.• Damages caused by the loss of user information which, as a result of the use of the portal or its various elements, etc., may be stored for any reason, either in its computer systems or in the portal.• The damages suffered by the user as a result of a use of the portal, in turn, contrary to these general conditions or to any individuals that may be established, or in violation of the provisions of the law, or in a contrary way To custom and public order.• The damages suffered by the user that originate in the lack of truthfulness or accuracy of the information provided or communications made by other users, or that have their origin in the indication of false identities used by any user, correspond or Not with that of real third parties.• The damages suffered by the user himself, or generate to third parties, as a result of using passwords and access passwords that violate the provisions of the fifth general condition. 

Nine- DATA PRIVACY POLICY.Access to certain areas, services or resources of the portal www.ofertas-camarasdeseguridad.com, property of OWNICE.ES, will only be feasible by means of the previous registration of the user. In these cases, the user must provide certain personal data that will be automatically processed by OWNICE.ES, in accordance with the purposes and conditions established in our Data Privacy Policy.When you access the portal, the computer where it is hosted automatically recognizes the IP address of your computer, the day and the time it has entered, the one that has left us, and why parts of our page has moved. It is necessary for our computer to know this data from your computer because you have to be able to communicate with it to send what you ask through your browser and can see it on your screen. Neither our computer nor ourselves can know your personal information, such as name, address, phone, etc. If you have not provided them yourself.The computer where our website is hosted uses cookies. Cookies are small files that our computer sends to you, but they do not give us information about your name, or any other information of your personal nature. The cookies used can not read data from your computer or read the cookies that exist in it. If you wish, you can configure your browser to let you know on your screen that you will receive a cookie. If you want more information, you can consult the help menu of your browser. If you decide that your computer does not receive the cookies that we can send you, this will not prevent you from accessing the information on our website, although in this case you will need to register every time you access the area, service or resource you require The previous registration.


The user expressly accepts the inclusion of the data provided in the form indicated above, in one or more automated files of personal data for which OWNICE.ES is responsible. During the process of collecting the data, the user will be informed of what data must be provided in a mandatory way to access the areas, services or resources of the portal that require prior registration.The collection of the aforementioned personal data and its automated processing in the corresponding files under the responsibility of OWNICE.ES, has as purpose the provision and management of the services in which the user has registered, the improvement and extension of the As well as the adequacy of these services to the characteristics and preferences of the user, that allow us to offer a service or services of your interest in a personalized way, adapting our offers to those preferences, including through the conduct of studies on such preferences, tastes And consumption habits of the same, possibly using techniques of fragmentation and / or segmentation, as well as the realization, communication and delivery, both by traditional and electronic means, of promotional, commercial and advertising activities of interest, relating to products and services marketed Either in our physical stores or in Our virtual store, and even the sending of survey forms, which the user is not obliged to complete, all this currently and in the future.The user may exercise, with respect to the data collected in the manner provided in the previous section, the rights recognized in Organic Law 15/1999, and in particular the rights of access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition, if relevant Such as the revocation of consent for the transfer of their data.


OWNICE.ES undertakes, in the use of the data included in the file, to respect its confidentiality and to use them according to the purpose of the file, as well as to fulfill its obligation to keep them and to take all measures to avoid the alteration , Loss, unauthorized treatment or access, in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law on Data Protection, approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December. However, the user is informed that the said security measures are not unbreakable invulnerable.The user is responsible for informing OWNICE.ES of any variation that occurs in the data that had previously provided, and guarantees the veracity of the same.OWNICE.ES reserves the right to modify at any time its Data Privacy Policy, in advance that it reasonably can wait, in order to adapt it to the legislative, judicial or jurisprudential changes that may affect it, as well as the practices of the industry.Tenth - Communications. 

All communications that the user must make to OWNICE.ES, regardless of whether they bring their cause from the provisions of these general conditions or any particular that may be established, or any other circumstance in which it is planned or necessary To make such communications, and without prejudice to the provisions on the condition relating to personal data, you should address them to the following e-mail address:In the same way, any communication that OWNICE.ES must make to the user, will direct it to the email address provided by the user. It is considered that the user has voluntarily provided his e-mail address by simpleMaking a communication to OWNICE.ES by that means, in which that address is clearly identified.

Eleventh - Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

These general conditions and the particular conditions that may be established are governed by Spanish law.In case of dispute or controversy related to the application or interpretation of the same, both ownice.es and the user undertake, with express resignation to the jurisdiction that could correspond, to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.